I have spent over 25 years both finding people their perfect home
and helping them sell their current one. 

But, don't take my word for it, take theirs...

Lisa Jusas

Hi David! I just wanted to thank you and your wife so very much for everything you've done for us in finding a home in South Carolina! You both are such kind and giving people and the process has been so joyful. I was just telling Brian yesterday that I can really see us making S.C. our full time home in the future. I'm looking forward to meeting you again soon and I'm excited to see the Church! Have a wonderful day and please thank your wife again for the books she got for the children...they loved them!!



Sid and Jane Finlay

David is diligent. He paid close attention to our needs and wants. He was very helpful, answered all questions and concerns.


Bob and Mary

You spent considerable time with us in making the decision to purchase a home in Hilton Head Plantation, we are surely happy here. It was a big decision on our part. It was also a new life for us, so thank you.


Addison and Anne Ramsey

An informed and knowledgeable Realtor. Several agents had listed our home. David’s hard work and creativity enabled us to sell our home for a good price quickly. We are pleased by David’s service.


Bill and Rae Spragg

You certainly made the whole inspection and buying procedure into a happy and pleasurable experience. Rae and I both wish to thank you for your diligence, persistence, and capable and professional conduct over the past 19 months. Further, you have an uncanny ability to read people and hence plan your sales campaign in a totally competent manner.


Christie Crutcher

David is a sincere warm person who knowledge of Daufuskie Island was great. He made the decision easy and right. I love Melrose Membership and friendship that David and Jerri have shared with me.



We met David Pautler of Prudential/Hilton Head Island Properties while attending a Carolina Real Estate Expo in Philadelphia in Late August 1996. Since we’re about five years away from retirement, we agreed to just look at some Hilton Head homes when we vacationed on Hilton Head Island a month later. David provided some upfront literature regarding the area and the types of real estate we might be interested in, based upon our friendly 5-mintues chat at the Expo.


We then took a one-week vacation at Hilton Head a month later, this vacation had been already planned prior to the Expo. While we advised David that we had no real intentions regarding immediate purchase, David met with us at our convenience to simply acquaint us with the local market and to give us a sense of the different communities available across the various HH Plantations. He worked the process with no pressure at all. With David, we saw some houses, and we saw some lots all per our timetable. David accommodated our vacation priorities, making himself available at odd times so we could enjoy the beach and the Island when we wanted.


We ended up seeing a new “spec house” in Hilton Head Plantation that we felt would be a perfect retirement residence for us, but we had a few reservations regarding that specific lot. David was able to show us a more suitable lot, and then he arranged an informal meeting with the builder of the spec house, who assured us that he could build the exact same house on that new lot if we wished, whenever we’re ready to proceed.


Based upon David’s thoughtful, yet low key approach, we felt very comfortable in purchasing the lot while we were there, and are planning to proceed with a contract to build our “dream” retirement home in the very near future. We feel that David Pautler’s no pressure approach, helped to make our “Hilton Head Real Estate Experience” both enjoyable and successful.



Chuck and Marianne Churchman



Thank you for your efficient and prompt handling of the sale of our house at Kinglet Lagoon in Hilton Head Plantation. I do not think that too many homes get sold in less than 2 weeks after being listed. We also thank you for taking care of the house, after we moved out. Your cooperation and help was great.


With best wishes,


Karel and Irma



My husband and I recently purchased a property with the help of David. We recently moved down to Hilton Head from Canada and we have wanted to live on the Island for some time. It has lived up to our expectations and more. Every day we feel we are living in paradise. Over the year we have move many times. Greg and I have never experience a realtor such as, David. He was not only very professional in his manner, but more importantly genuine in his personal relationship with my husband and me. He was there for all our concerns and needs, certainly more than is expected. He never hesitated on any questions we had or help we needed. We have dealt with many agents but David is the most kind and caring man I have met in this business truly a gem. I truly hope he remains a new and good friend.


Sheila and Greg Warrian



Joan and I want to thank you for being at the Carolina Real Estate Expo in Washington. We feel fortunate to have taken the time to speak with you there and to have subsequently visited you on Hilton Head Island.


The selection of a retirement home is an exhilarating but daunting process. The myriad possibilities offer every combination of landscape, activity, and, of course, price range. While examining alternatives was exciting, making a decision involved difficult tradeoffs and careful consideration of qualitative. It was fun but not easy.


You were a tremendous help to us in this process. Because you represent all of Hilton Head rather than concentrating on one particular plantation, you were able to characterize particular plantations in a way that enabled us to narrow the search. We were also grateful for the materials you sent before our visit. Reviewing them, we saw immediately that you have really listened to our preferences and price constraints. To be presented with more possibilities than we could visit was also valuable. In deciding which properties to see, we had to think hard about the qualities we valued most. In the end we made a decision. We were excited about it then and we are excited about it now.


All of the exploring, visiting, viewing, talking and thinking is necessary but it is only valuable if it focuses the search and leads to the right decision. We are convinced we made the right decision. Thank you for your very valuable assistance.


Beat regards,


Your Future Neighbor

Berkeley Lambert



I wanted to thank you for all your help and all the time you gave us last week. It’s been like a whirlwind since, but everything seems to be going smoothly. I have applied for the financing with Sue Ann and am working on the packet to send back to Peter Wolf. Sue Ann is just great! Thank you for recommending them. I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with them, just as it has been with you.


Even before we arrive, you gave us lots of information and things to think about. The internet was a wonderful tool in a situation like this. Lin was a great help in this area, too!


You really took the time to ask the right questions, listen to the answers and find us just the right property. You were able to ascertain just what we were looking and everything you showed us fit the bill. You didn’t waste our time (and yours!) and we really appreciate it. The days were tiring but well spent. Your expertise helped us accomplish so much in so little time! And I know that the process with Centex would never have gone as smoothly if you weren’t there to guide us through.


You made the entire experience pleasurable and helped to avoid it becoming a stressful situation. We really enjoyed your company and all your insights into the area!


Once again, thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. We really do appreciate all you help. And we couldn’t have done it without you!


Will be in touch soon,


Terry Smith



Our recent trip off “The Island” has only heightened our awareness of how really special Hilton Head is.


You seem to know instinctively which house would be best for us even before we did. And to think of how we dragged our feet worrying about having to give up what we perceive to be the cultural advantages of living in the Washington, D.C. area.


Your estimate of our adjustment and welcome was accurate also. It would be hard to find more interesting and friendly people anywhere.


Our only regret is leaving behind close friends and relatives, but with a little persuasion, we might convince them to make this important change as well and perhaps you could even find the perfect home for them.


We especially appreciate the fact that you never pressured us as we felt we could walk away as friends anytime before presenting a contract. And since then you and Jerri have been even more supportive, offering assistance whenever sought.


We just want you to know that you have change the course of our lives for the next twenty-five plus years and we couldn’t be happier.




Herb and Helen




Sharon and I want to thank you for all the time and effort that you invested in finding a home for us on Hilton Head.


We knew at the outset that buying a property a thousand miles from our hometown would be a challenge however, without your knowledge of the market area, ability to organize and analyze data, and remarkable patience, it could have been a most frustrating experience.


While we have worked with a number of realtors buying and selling property in Wisconsin over the years, we felt that our relationship with you was unique. You took the time to help us understand the market, accurately noted our likes and dislike and helped focus our search. The extra effort alone saved us time and money.


Most importantly, we quickly came to the realization that working with you was truly a partnership. We never felt pressured to make a decision. Every activity from the search, all the purchase negotiations and final acquisition was accomplished without stress. We knew that you were working hard, taking care of all the details and looking out for our interests.


It will be a pleasure to refer family and friends to you in the future.



Craig and Sharon Zurawski




David Pautler has been our realtor for both the purchase and sale of our home. We relocated here from Palm Springs, California in April of 2003. David was always prompt in returning phone call and emails and made our move here that much easier. We flew down for a few days to look for a house before moving here, and he was personable and flexible as far as our schedule and the properties we wished to view. When we decide on a property to purchase, he was always assertive with the seller/buyer and honest about what to expect from him. We were tied up in escrow on our house in California for 65 days and he was always willing to answer questions we had about our other property and was not hesitant to give advice. He was a great support through a very difficult sale, even after we had purchased our home here.


We decided to use David again this November for the sale of our home. We will be relocation to New Orleans, LA. David has once again been honest with us about our asking price and what to expect from the Hilton Head market. He is very knowledgeable about the area and prevented us from overpricing our home. Our property sold in 5 days. He is always readily available when we have a question or problem. Once again we have had problems in the other market, with our realtor there, and with finding a new home. We decide to look for another realtor there when the first one did not meet our expectations. He has been nothing but supportive and willing to give advice when needed.


David goes above and beyond for us, and I’m sure he does the same for his other clients. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in this area.


Thank you David!



Katie Bouzon




Just a short note… Yesterday we returned from our travels of the first winter with both of us being retired. As you know, we spent three weeks at Hilton Head, a week in Honolulu, a month in Northern Florida, and two weeks in the Miami area. We had a grand time


And one of the nicest experiences during this past winter was meeting with you regarding HHI “snow bird” real estate. You treated us with care, respect, concern, and above all, honesty. And you most impressed with your knowledge of the market and other matters of technical, as well as, technology in nature. What you could show us with the use of your databases was very helpful.


Most frankly, I have never before sent a note like this to a salesperson, especially a salesperson who I did not buy anything from! But, the fact it, we learned, thanks to your help, that a purchase for us was not the “right thing” for us “right now”.


Dave – if ever you are working with folks that have any questions about your honesty, ethics, commitment to “getting it right” with all of your customers, please have those folks give me a call.


Best regards,





This letter is to thank you for and acknowledge the excellent job you performed in familiarizing my wife, Peggy, and me with Hilton Head Island. You got some feel for our expectations, then proceed to tour through several of the Hilton Head Plantations to show us their differences, price ranges and the amenities each had to offer. While you offered comments and suggestions, never did we feel pressured or uncomfortable. In our travels along the Eastern seaboard looking at potential places to resettle we had not considered Hilton Head. Now it will certainly be in our thinking.


Again, thanks for a great job.



Charles H. Brooks




I just wanted to thank your organization and in particular David Pautler for facilitating the purchase of our lot on Hilton Head Island.


David made the process easy by listening to what our needs were and in the short time that we were there, was able to show us several properties to choose from. The hardest part was to pick the right lot. David made the rest easy by keeping us updated as the process unfold and even sent several photographs of the property that help us make the decision.


Susan and I can not wait until we are able to build our dream retirement home!



Gary S. Thomas




Now that we are about to close on our vacation home, we want to thank you for making the process such as easy (and enjoyable) one.


From the time we meet you at the Philadelphia Carolina Real Estate Expo, you kept us periodically informed of real estate opportunities on Hilton Head Island, even though we were not ready to purchase at the time. This past fall when we decided to seriously consider a purchase, your thoroughness and professionalism were both important factors in our decision to buy. We felt that you showed us a broad spectrum of homes, all meeting our specifications. Additionally, there was not one instance when you did not promptly return our calls, or carefully explain an important detail about our real estate purchase. Since this was a “long distance transaction”. You attention was particularly appreciated.


Thank you, David for your assistance. We would be pleased to be reference on your behalf.



David and Donna Toole




Well, it finally happened. After three years we finally settled on our vacation condo in Hilton Head. With your hard work, countless listings and follow up, we did it! Cathy and I want to thank you for your dedication and tireless energy in helping us find the “right place.” The after sales assistance you provided was extremely beneficial in making the closing process almost enjoyable.


When we need Realty service again in Hilton head we will be sure to call you.


Best regards,

Bill and Cathy




Since the house in Illinois has finally sold, we are feeling more settled in our new Island West home. We had our agent in Illinois use many of your suggestions to help sell that home. We want to thank you for all the help you have given us in finding the right home and also with all the details that accompany buying a home. We are very happy in our new home. Being new to this area as well as to South Carolina, we really appreciated you expertise and the time you took in answering all of our questions. Everything went so smoothly that we could hardly believe this all happened so quickly.


We will be happy to recommend you to any people who are looking to buy or sell in this area. Again, thank you for your friendship and help.



Florence Saracco

Terry Wayne Marvel




Thank you for your efficient and prompt handling of the sale of our house

at 4 Knight Lagoon in Hilton Head Plantation.


I do not think that too many homes got sold in less than two weeks after being listed.


We also thank you for taking care of the house, after w moved out. Your cooperation and help was great.


With Best Wishes

Karel and Irma Konicek




During the last few years David Pautler has worked on the sale of our Evian condo, and finally succeeded. Whereas I am obviously very unhappy about the price, I was to express my thanks for your office’s efforts and particularly Mr. Pautler’s. He had been very conscientious and diligent about this business, and clearly worked in a most difficult market. He has shown considerable imagination in selling the unit and my wife and I very much appreciate the efforts. I shall certainly recommend him to anyone I meet who is interested in Hilton Head property.


With best regards,


Yours sincerely

Ernest I. Korchak




David provided professional help in showing my wife and myself all property in Hilton Head that meet our requirements in both goals and price. He did this through computer analysis and showing of many different properties to determine what would be and would not be acceptable to us. Later, my wife and I decided for tax reasons that we needed to close on some property before the end of December. On December 15, I called David and asked him what property was available that may fit our needs that we could possible close on by December 31. At that time, he suggested 15 Fern Court in Sea Pines would fit our need as being excellent rental property for the amount of the purchase price and a very good location. We negotiated to purchase the house and closed on December 30 within our time frame. We found the house to be an excellent purchase and in a very good location.


I would highly recommend David as a realtor who would try to meet the needs of his clients.




Walter G. Williard




Wow! From the virtual tour to the realtor’s tour to receiving a contract in 2 days, you did a fantastic job! Your attention to detail and professionalism made the sale of my home more enjoyable and less stressful than I ever imagined it would be. You were right, all the time and energy we put into the preparation work before the house went onto the market, certainly paid off in the long run.


Thank you for always being there to answer my call and for all the hard work and patience it took to see me through until closing.







Thank you so much for your help last week. As we drove home, we both commented on how much we had learned and how much we had seen in such a short time, we thought we had provided a stiff challenge, but we were wrong. We had only cursory knowledge of the area and weren’t sure if we wanted a part time residence or investment property. We didn’t know which plantation to choose, since we didn’t even know how many plantations there were much less any information about the specific areas.


You were remarkably patient explaining the different rental policies, the beauties of the marsh views versus the ocean, the club options ant the best eateries on the island. You certainly do know Hilton Head! You did such a great job on providing detailed responses to all our questions that we’ll need a while just to absorb the information. I would be remiss if I failed to thank you for providing information on 1031 exchanges as well as introducing us to a great local mortgage broker. You made the search so easy and enjoyable.


Thank you again for all your hard work and for being so generous with your time.



Peter G. Frederick