Price Chart of Homes for sale

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Chart of Off Plantation homes Bluffton SC
This is a chart of homes for sale called Bluffton Off Plantation. This refers to all the communities that do not have a assigned search number. These homes are listed by aplha by neighborhood and then by price, also they show which homes are short sale and foreclosure. This chart is updated about every month. It is just to give you a idea what price ranges are by community. This Chart is not interactive. If you want a list of homes by neighborhood. Please e-mail me and I will send you the info. In the future you will be able to go to the neighborhood page and see homes on line. Not able to provide that yet. Hope to in 30 day.
Chart of Plantation Homes Bluffton SC
This is a chart of homes for sale in Bluffton SC. The list is sorted by Plantation and then by price. The info is not inter active. It should provide you with a good idea what homes are asking in each community
Chart of Homes in Country Club Communities Bluffton SC
Chart of Homes for sale in Country club communities in Bluffton SC. This is not a interactive list. Just a list to sho the price range of homes for sale in each community. The list of home is sorted by community and then by price. any questions please e-mail me
Bluffton Off Plantation List of Homes
If you do not have excell here is the same data in PDF, enjoy
Bluffton Plantation List of Homes
List of Plantation homes in Bluffton in PDF
Bluffton Country Club List of Homes
Bluffton SC Country Club List of Homes in PDF