There Are Over 90 Neighborhoods in Bluffton!

Bluffton Home Buyer Club


As a member of the Eagle Club, you won't waste time trying to find the neighborhood and the home that's right for you!  Use the form below to join, and you will have your choice of the following types of assistance, while maintaining control over when and how you are contacted:

1.  BLUFFTON BUYER ORIENTATION - A free, no-obligation telephone consultation that will save you time and aggravation, and prepare you to continue your home search on your own.  Based on your description of your goals and lifestyle, I can help you narrow down your search to the neighborhoods that will meet your requirements.

2.  SUPERCHARGED HOME SEARCH - You are certainly welcome to use the Bluffton MLS search on this site, but there are a few things you need to know about the MLS search you find here or on any other website:

  • The Hilton Head Island Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serves the Bluffton area, so any home search on any website must follow the rules set forth by the MLS.  Our MLS rules dictate that only a portion of the information about the homes listed can be displayed.
  • The MLS search does not supply the following key pieces of information:
    • Street address
    • Name of the neighborhood
    • Up-to-date Homeowner Association fees, Transfer fees or any other fees required in the neighborhood where the home is located
  • You cannot search by neighborhood

Using my Supercharged Home Search, you'll have access to all the information - including items you cannot access on the MLS search!  And, you won't have to guess where a home is located - if you've chosen neighborhoods where the amenities and fees meet your requirements, you'll have access to information about all the homes for sale in those neighborhoods - and you'll know when homes are added to the list.

3.  NEIGHBORHOOD AMENITIES CHART - This handy chart lists the amenities for all the Bluffton neighborhoods.  So, if you want a ramp for your boat, a playground for your children, or a clubhouse for parties, you'll know where to find them!

4.  NEIGHBORHOOD PRICES & FEES CHART - This chart is invaluable to make sure you are only looking at homes that meet your requirements in terms of price and fees.  There's nothing worse than falling in love with a home only to find that the association and/or transfer fees are outside your comfort zone!

5.  OUT-OF-TOWNER SUPPORT - If you live outside the Bluffton area, Out-Of-Towner Support will make your home search trips a breeze.  We can help with advice on where to stay and let you know if there are any special offers that could reduce the cost of your trip.  At your request, we can assist you in identifying homes you'd like to see and plan a home tour that will simplify your trip.

I look forward to assisting you in whatever way will be most helpful to you.  Complete the form below to take charge of your Bluffton home search!  A welcome e-mail will be in your mailbox shortly.  You can respond to that e-mail to let me know which of the Eagle Club benefits you want to utilize.  And, you can always reach me directly at 843-683-9592 or toll-free at 800-343-6821, Extension 3006.

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